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The Start NOW, Retire RICH DVD Box Set is now available for pre-order

Dear Investor,

If you couldn't make the Start NOW, Retire RICH Symposium on the 11th of October but want to know what was said, I have good news for you:

We filmed the whole event – including our heated "panel" sessions with all the FSP Invest editors and our guest speakers. These are the sessions where the editors show how ‘the rubber meets the road,' or how to turn all the discussion into a strategy with specific ideas.

We made an audio recording of the entire conference as well. Every speech, every idea, every recommendation was recorded.

This means, if you decided not to join us at The Michelangelo, you don't have to miss out on what happened.

A Start NOW, Retire RICH DVD  box-set will be made available as soon as the footage from a full day of speeches, discussions and presentations has been edited and duplicated. Our technical partners tell us the DVD will be ready to ship in four-six weeks from the date of the event.

Here are just some of the topics that will be covered on the DVD:

And much more!

You'll be able to sit in the comfort of your own home and watch while our editors, analysts and guest speakers discuss and debate what we believe are the most important investment topics in the world.

You'll hear differing views on how to prepare for retirement in an uncertain world - so you wealth will last as long as you do.

We'll discuss how to make sure you protect what you have – and how you can profit – in the months and years to come, no matter what happens with South Africa's political and economic situation.

If you're interested in hearing what we have to say about the future of the South African economy and stock market – order your copy of the Start NOW, Retire Rich DVD 

Yes, Send me my Start NOW, Retire RICH DVD!

I'm sorry you were not at the conference in person. These events are always a great way to connect with readers and chat about the world. But even if you were unable to be there, you can still participate and benefit from what transpired on the day itself.

You can purchase a video recording of the conference proceedings on DVD for the price of R995. This price includes shipping when the DVD is ordered. Please anticipate 4-6 weeks from date of conference for delivery.

To order your DVD –  Just click Below

YES! Send me my Start NOW, Retire RICH DVD!

It's the third conference we've organised. But I'm already certain that the Start NOW, Retire RICH DVD will be the most important seminar of the year for South African investors.

If you're sceptical – like I am – of the "official view" of events, and you're becoming more concerned about your future financial security, you'll be glad you had this insight in the weeks and months to come.

South African investors who aren't aware of the threats and opportunities on the horizon could lose out on the chance to build a legacy of wealth for themselves and their families.

But you can find out our best ideas, strategies and investment recommendations – even if you can't make it in person to the conference...

YES! Send my World of Opportunities DVD now!

We can't wait to tell this story. Every South African who cares about their future financial security will soon have big decisions to make.

We want to help you make the right ones. Whatever you ultimately decide to do is up to you.

Ordering the DVD means that at least you'll get the chance to listen to the story – then make your own mind up.

To order your Start NOW, Retire RICH DVD box set, click below:

Here's to your investing success!


Annbel Koffman,
Group Publisher, FSP Invest

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